Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vail CO

Vail CO June 5th-12th 2009

Vail, CO is one of our favorite spots. It is such a beautiful area. Amazing....I wish I could have frozen time while we we there..Our condo had a beautiful view of the river and mountains. We kept the windows open just to hear the sound of water. We spent a week and did a lot of shopping, hiking, eating and took the kids minature golfing in Beaver Creek and a Cave tour and tram ride at Glenwood Springs. The weather was surprisingly good compared to all the rain Salt Lake was getting at the time. We joked about having quite a few incidents on the trip. The first day Nick was pushing me on a swing at a park. He pushed me so hard on the swings that I fell off and landed on my back. I literally had the wind knocked out of me. Nick was caught between wanting to laugh so hard and also making sure I was ok. Jaydyn afterwards said, "Dad, will you push me as high as you pushed mom?" The next day Seth got a terrible sunburn. The third day Jaydyn jumped into the side of the swimming pool and had skidmarks all up her side. We laughed that Alayna and Nick still had "incidents" coming their way. We had a great time. They say the families that play together stay together. With Nick and I working full time it sure is nice to take a break, relax, and enjoy each other.

Silver Lake-Memorial Day

I'm always amazed at Jaydyn and Alayna and how well they do hiking. I always tell them they were definitely born into the right family since Nick and I are so active. Sometimes we talk about the final destination as we are hiking. This time we talked about how all the princesses take baths at Silver Lake. It keeps them motivated to get to the top!

Little Sahara

Over Memorial Day Weekend my Aunt Shauna and Uncle Gar invited us to go with them to ride ATV's at Little Sahara. Here are the girls!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Disneyland 2009

We just got back from Disneyland. It was my first time and Nick had not been since he was a little kid. We took Nick's mom Luan with us to help with the kids which ended up being more help than we realized when Jaydyn got the flu the first day, but this didn't stop our trip from being a blast. What a magical place. Nick called me Disneyland Hitler because I wanted to make sure we got through both parks. He was even teaching the kids how to salute me. We stayed at Dolphin's cove in Anaheim with 4 days in Disneyland and the other 3 days to swim, shop and enjoy each others company.

Snow Shoeing

Nick and I love to snow shoe. We don't get out nearly as much as we like but here are some pictures of Jaydyn's 1st time. She had a rough experience. She fell down quite a bit and got cold. We took my aunt Shauna and Uncle Gar with us also. It was a beautiful day!

Seth's 1st B-day Nov 2008